Commitment to Sustainability

Pacific Dream Seafoods believes that in order for future generations to enjoy healthy oceans, we must commit ourselves to sourcing seafood sustainability and educating our partners, customers and fisherman on the importance of responsible fishing and aquaculture. The United Nation predicts that by 2050 our planet will need 2X the current amount of available protein to feed our growing population. No doubt will this put more pressure on the global seafood supply chain and it's up to us now to make sure that the policies and regulations are in place to ensure our oceans are healthy. And we're happy to take this challenge head-on.

In addition to our own commitment to sustainability, we're a member of FishChoice, a leading seafood community that values the importance of environmentally responsible seafood production. FishChoice is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with the leading sustainable seafood programs and leaders in the seafood industry to advance sustainability in our industry. For more on FishChoice, visit